This week: which department should we abolish first? What comes after Platinum? And why did I spend all that time making Eurovision results maps?
This week: some English counties that never happened, some maps of where the animals live, and if we’re honest with ourselves the British media isn’t…
This week: Oliver Dowden quakes with terror at the return of tactical voting; I attempt to become the fourth person ever to understand the…
This week: Your Crossrail questions answered, why do people really hate LTNs, and how freaked out should we be by France?
On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for every online community drops to zero.
This week: some cheery polling, a brief history of the date of Easter, and an interactive map involving circles.
This week: Rishi Sunak is dead, he just doesn’t know it yet; and a brief tour of the Byzantine Empire.
This week: look, I didn’t think Rishi Sunak could get any worse either, yet somehow with this NFT nonsense he’s managed it. Also, some forgotten US…
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