So, I don't want to seem like the online media cliché that I so obviously am here, but welcome to my Substack.

Paying subscribers get a weekly newsletter, every Wednesday at around 4pm, generally composed of the following things:

  • A brief commentary on the week’s top existential terrors (a.k.a. the news);

  • A links round-up: infrastructure news, animal videos, memes and anything else that provides comfort to the mildly nerdy and extremely online;

  • An long-ish article about something extremely nerdy, most likely in the realms of transport, history, geography or language;

  • A short-ish article concerning the map of the week: you can probably guess what this covers.

Free subscribers get a fortnightly email, generally on a Monday, containing a single article. Sometimes that’ll be something new (in which case, paying subscribers will receive it, too; only fair); more often than not it’s something from the paywalled archive, now released to the wider world.

Becoming a paying subscriber isn’t expensive – it’s £4 a month, or £40 a year, so substantially less than £1 a week; bargain! But, if for whatever reason you can’t afford that (unemployed, under-employed, penniless student and so forth) just email me and ask for a free subscription, and you can have one, no questions asked.

I hope the newsletter brings you joy – or, at the very least, that it doesn’t make your life any worse.

The Newsletter of (Not Quite) everything is written by Jonn Elledge and edited by Jasper Jackson.


Jonn Elledge
Author/journalist/columnist type. Sound on the matter of HS2.